Cyber Skills Lesson

Lesson: Defend The Power Stations


In this interactive lesson, you're going to step into the shoes of a cyber security defence team to defend against a live cyber attack.

Your challenge is to defend Scotland's Power Stations from a Denial of Service attack. You'll be faced with waves of cyber attacks, and only by working together will you be able to stop the attackers

  • First, you'll need to prepare by making backups of the critical control systems. You'll use a command line tool to do this.

  • Then when the attack begins, you'll find a way to stop malicious computers from connecting to the power station's control systems.

  • Next, you'll reboot and repair any systems that are taken down by the attackers.

  • Finally, if you can stop the attackers, you'll repair and restore the computer systems to allow the situation to return to normal.

The attack is simulated, so we're not actually under attack, but it will give you an insight into the way a company has to protect themselves from a cyber attack.

Now it's time to start. Follow the instructions and let's see if you can defend the computer systems and defeat the cyber criminals.