Cyber Skills Lesson

Lesson: How To Rob A Bank


It seems like every day there is a story in the news about a company being attacked by hackers, or people's personal details being released online. We're trusting companies to protect our personal information, financial details, and medical records. But we need more people with digital skills to protect us from these attacks. In order to stop a cyber criminal, it can help to think like one.

In this interactive lesson, you're going to step into the shoes of a cyber criminal and learn How to Rob a Bank.

Your challenge is to break into Strathclyde Bank.

  • First, you'll need to find a way to remotely connect into the bank computer system. You'll use a command line tool to do this.

  • Then you'll find a way to access the login names and passwords for all the banks business customers.

  • Finally, you'll log into the Strathclyde Bank website using these stolen customer details and transfer the money to our own secret bank account.

Strathclyde Bank is fictional bank, so you're not actually stealing anyone's money, but it will give you an insight into the way a company has to protect themselves from attack.

Now it's time to start the heist. Follow the instructions and let's see how much money you can steal before time runs out.